Hollowtech 1 vs hollowtech 2

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Shimano sells Hollowtech II bottom brackets which are labeled for road and mountain bikes explicitly. Some other brands do it a little differently. Mountain external bearing crank spindles are longer than road spindles, and their respective bottom brackets are sized to fit one or the other.

Shimano BBs have a plastic sleeve joining the two cups that protects the bearings from water dripping down from the seatpost opening and other contamination. That sleeve is a fixed length, so that if it's to be used the cups have to be that far apart from each other give or take a tiny margin for variance from the exact nominal shell width, i. This isn't the only potential problem with mismatching mountain and road, but it is the first one that will stop a bunch of the potential hack-type workarounds involving adding or taking away spacers from being able to work.

In the beginning, when external cranks came out, road bikes mostly BB30 existed in nascent form all had 68mm threaded ISO shells 70mm for Italian and mountain had either 68 or E-type bracket-type in the nomenclature of the image below front derailers and chain retention devices also have to be accomodated by MTB bottom brackets, which is done by keeping the drive side cup thinner than it could otherwise be and running a spacer if they're not being used.

Cara Menentukan Ukuran BB Bottom Bracket yang Tepat Sesuai Beserta Cara Membaca Ukurannya

E-type front derailers and many chain retention devices mount clamped in place under the right BB cup. Road external cranks and their bottom brackets don't use any spacers between the cups and the shell. Mountain external cranks have longer spindles and the bottom brackets generally come with spacers to accommodate both 68 and 73mm shells, each with or without an E-type front derailer or chain device under the cup. Complicating matters is that I believe there are some Shimano mountain BBs that don't have seperate spacers for e-type or chain devices, but still do use 2.

And road chainline is a different, smaller number, again the same regardless of ISO or Italian. To be clear, a 68mm shell is the same on both a mountain and a road bike, and, other compatibility issues such as chainring clearance and chainline notwithstanding, either type of crank with its associated BB can be installed on a 68, say for the purpose of putting a road crank on a hybrid to make it more "road" or a mountain crank on a road bike to make it more "touring".

To put it all another way: Say you've got a road crank, a mountain BB, and a 68mm shell. If you install the BB into the shell as intended, you'll find that the tip of the spindle poking through the left cup is inadequate to clamp the left crank onto, because it's physically shorter than a mountain crank.

If the shell was 73mm, the situation would be exactly the same, although you would have used fewer spacers to get there. If you tried not using the spacers, the physical length of the plastic shield would keep the cups from being able to torque properly against the shell.

hollowtech 1 vs hollowtech 2

If the situation were reversed, say a mountain crank, road BB, and 68mm shell, if you install the BB as intended than you have excess spindle sticking out of the BB. If you add spacers under the cups to take up the slack, the plastic shield becomes too short to fit inside and doesn't do its job properly.

The thickness of the external parts of the cups themselves, measured from the shell contact to the crank contact, is also not the same between mountain and road.

Shimano Octalink vs Hollowtech II

Road ISO is about I believe the reason for the difference is that road handles its two different shell width 68 for ISO and 70 for Italian by having the Italian cups be 1mm thinner in this dimension. Mountain handles the different shell widths 68, 73, plus the need to accomodate e-type and chain devices by allowing different spacer configurations.

It comes with two 2. Another detail with a small difference is the lengths of the threads on each variant. Shimano mountain bottom brackets have longer threads, at least on the drive side, to account for the spacers you would use for a mountain crank, particularly in a 68 mm shell.

I found a blog post with some interesting measurements. I can no longer see it but there was a good photo of both bottom bracket BB types together, clearly showing the longer threads on the Mountain drive side cup.

Fortunately, you are using a mountain BB in a 68 mm shell and have plenty of threads engaging more than you would with a road BB. The minor negative might be the If you have sufficient preload then I guess you've got away with it.Join Walk Run Cycle. Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media.

Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hollowtech II in BB Thread starter Herzog Start date 12 May Herzog Swinglish Mountain Goat.

Location Bern, Switzerland. After a bit of advice Before I buy anything I'd like to know that I'm not going to be wasting cash by getting the wrong thing. Would I have to remove any piece of the BB30 unit before installing the adapter? Finally, what benefits would the more expensive SRAM branded unit give? Thanks, Herzog. Location Eastbourne East Sussex. Herzog funny you should ask this question because I asked it on this forum some weeks ago.

As you would expect all of those that replied gave me very good information but and there of cause has to be one doesn't there many of those that replied could not understand that I had a threaded BB and were advising me to buy the kit.

I wrote to FOCUS who my frame was built by as well but in the end one of our colleagues sussed what I was saying and advised me that has it had a thread I could fit a Hollowtech crank directly. If this does not make sense send me a PM with your number and I will give you a call.

Hi, Thanks for your post. I've sorted out my problem now, and was fairly straight forward. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….Crank dan bottom bracket yang mendukung Shimano Hollowtech 1 dan 2 tidak saling mendukung, tetapi bisa diganti diupgrade karena bisa dipasang pada frame sepeda yang sama.

Bagaimana dengan perbedaan performa, harga dan fiturnya? Hollow artinya kopong, atau kosong di tengah. Hollowtech merupakan trademark teknologi dari Shimano. Tujuan hollowtech adalah membuat komponen sepeda yang lebih ringan. Perkembangan teknologi dan metalurgi memungkinkan untuk membuat batang besi kopong hollow dengan kekuatan yang tidak jauh berbeda dengan batang padat dengan memakai material yang lebih kuat. Isitilah hollow banyak dipakai pada komponen industri untuk batang dan pipa dan struktur yang bolong, seperti hollow bar, hollow tube, hollow glide, dan lainnya.

Shimano membuat teknologi Hollowtech untuk cranknya, yang kemudian dikembangkan menjadi Hollowtech II untuk integrasi crank dan bottom bracket. Sebenarnya istilah hollowtech dipakai Shimano hanya untuk crank arm, Shimano tidak pernah menyebut hollowtech 1 atau bottom bracket hollowtech. Tetapi toko dan komunitas sepeda yang membuat istilah hollowtech 1 HT1 setelah munculnya hollowtech 2 HT2untuk lebih mudah membedakan jenis crank dan bottom bracket.

Tetapi istilah apapun yang dipakai tidak masalah, selama kita paham kalau hollowtech atau hollow mengacu pada batang atau komponen sepeda yang kopong. Teknologi crank hollowtech Shimano keluar pada saat kebanyakan sepeda memiliki as crank yang terpisah dengan lengan kira dan kanan 3-piece crank. Crank arm hollowtech shimano pada awalnya dipakai untuk BB kotak cartridge square. Bottom bracket Octalink memiliki bentuk ujung yang bulat dengan delapan octa sirip, dan bagain tengah yang kopong hollowsehingga kadang disebut juga sebagai bottom bracket hollow, atau BB HT1.

Tetapi Shimano tidak lagi mengembangkan BB Octalink, dan lebih memilih memakai BB cartridge kotak pada line up terbarunya. Dan komponen Shimano yang support untuk hollowtech bisa dilihat disini. Pengembangan teknologi Hollowtech, melahirkan teknologi Hollowtech II pada tahun Bottom bracket untuk Hollowtech II mempunyai posisi bearing bagian luar frame, dan bentuknya mirip pipa, tidak menyatu lagi dengan as crank.

Crank Hollowtech II juga disebut dengan two-piece crankset atau crank dengan dua bagian dimana satu bagian sudah termasuk dengan as nya.

Hollowtech II menghasilkan keseimbangan antara kekuatan, berat, kekakuan dan performa perputaran chainring. Crank yang menyatu dengan as spindle nya mumbuat struktur yang lebih kokoh, tanpa sambungan dan lebih kaku, untuk transfer tenaga yang lebih maksimal dan efektif.

Teknologi hollowtech atau crank yang kopong juga dipakai pada Hollowtech II, termasuk pada bagian asnya bentuknya yang lebih simpel dan ringan. Hollowtech II menggunakan as dengan diameter 24mm, lebih besar 2mm dari BB octalink yang memakai ukuran spindle 22mm. Dengan diameter as yang lebih besar, crank kiri-kanan akan lebih kuat, mengurangi tenaga yang hilang karena torsi dan gaya putar yang memelintir atau membengkokkan as crank.

Posisi bearing yang berada di luar frame, memungkinkan memakai bearing yang lebih besar dan lebih tahan lama. Posisi bearing yang lebih lebar juga memberikan keuntungan untuk posisi as yang lebih stabil. Bearing yang lebih lebar bisa menyeimbangkan tekanan lebih merata, lebih kuat untuk kestabilan dan kekakuan, dan pondasi yang lebih kuat.

Crank hollowtech II tidak hanya bisa dipakai pada bottom bracket outboard eksternal. Jenis bottom bracket terbaru yaitu pressfit juga bisa dipasangkan crank hollowtech II. Bottom bracket pressfit adalah bottom bracket yang dipasang pada frame tanpa ulir, bottom bracket ditekan untuk masuk dan diam di dalam frame sepeda. Bentuknya hampir mirip seperti bb eksternal, tetapi tidak memiliki drat dan posisi bearingnya ada di dalam frame sepeda.

Dan komponen Shimano yang support untuk hollowtech II bisa dilihat disini. Untuk groupset Shimano sepeda balap dan sepeda gravelsemuanya sudah memakai hollowtech II, tetapi tidak untuk groupset sepeda gunung yang masih campuran HT1 dan HT2.

Dan untuk ke depannya, sepertinya akan terus diturunkan ke level groupset yang lebih rendah lagi. Secara performa, crankset dan bottom bracket hollowtech II secara umum mempunyai struktur yang lebih kaku, stabil, transfer torque, putaran dan tenaga yang lebih efisien dibandingkan hollowtech.

Secara berat, memang bottom bracket yang mendukung HT II jauh lebih ringan daripada bottom bracket cartridge. Perbedaan berat BB cukup signifikan, walaupun sebenarnya kalau dilihat berat crankset termasuk BB tidak sesignifikan itu.

Crank hollowtech untuk BB cartridge hanya terdiri dari lengan crank arm. Tetapi untuk hollowtech II, spindle sudah menyatu dengan crank arm.Started by T. McMillanJuly 14, Posted July 14, edited.

Hollowtech II bottom bracket - Any differences?

Posted July 14, Posted July 15, You cant make hollowtech 2 cranks into screw on cranks, but hollowtech 1 cranks can be machined down and a threaded adapter bonded on to accept freewheels or cogs.

I used to have hollowtech cranks on my planet x, they are splined rather than threaded but extremely light and seem pretty stiff, only thing i didnt like was octalink tapers for replacing bbs:. I should give you a warning though. They lasted only few months until they cracked. Maybe the machining was badly done and it took too much crank material out, i don't know. I'm also using machined Lx now and I'm worrying a bit. I'd imagine that would be the machining rather than the cranks, I mean, I had some of the LX hollowtech I's on my old downhill bike for ages and other than the anodising wearing through really quickly, they were like new until the day the bike got nicked.

Posted July 15, edited. Then there's the 07 deore, which is very similar to the 04 XT, just with a few cosmetic changes.

Hollowtech II in BB30

They discontinued manufacturing hollowtech 1 crank at the upper class levels xtr,xt,lx, not sure about dewhores and, at the same time, upgraded lower classes from square tapers to hollowtech 1. So if you don't find any second hand, have a look at, for instance, alivios. Oh yeah, just to confuse things further, the name hollowtech 1 refers the the fact the crank arm is a hollow forged crank, the octalink fitting is a completely separate thing, you can get octalink cranks that aren't hollowtech 1, and you can get hollowtech 1 cranks that are square taper.

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I used to have hollowtech cranks on my planet x, they are splined rather than threaded but extremely light and seem pretty stiff, only thing i didnt like was octalink tapers for replacing bbs: mike 'W.

Er, yes.Join Walk Run Cycle. Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hollowtech II bottom bracket - Any differences? Location Yorkshire based.

My bottom bracket is on it's way out. When i stand up and power along, it crunches worst than Crunchy Nut cornflakes and gives the standard feeling that the bearings have gone. So my question is, i have the FC crankset. The bottom bracket is a Hollowtech II style. Do the bottom bracket axles differ in diameter? Is there anything else i should be concerned about other that the shell diameter and thread style. Do road bikes tend to have Italian or English threads? My current bottom bracket has BC1.

Am i correct in believing that this indicates a 68mm shell diameter? In a couple of their Hollowtech II bottom brackets pages, the description states that the component is actually required for certain groupsets. Which makes me think there is subtle differences between the bottom brackets?

Thanks for the help in advance. Location NE England.

hollowtech 1 vs hollowtech 2

Not sure about compatibility but the HT II is very short lived. By comparison my traditional inside bearing BB on my Thorn Club Tour, used as an all weather commuter, did well over and was as good as new. I like Skol Hold my beer and watch thisThe more relevant the page is to your business, the better.

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hollowtech 1 vs hollowtech 2

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hollowtech 1 vs hollowtech 2

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